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Half Dome hike

Around 3am at the 4th of July, we woke up, packed our tent and drove from Summerdale Campground to the trail head for the Half Dome hike. The hike is about 22.7km with a 1,600m gain in elevation! So we had to start quite early. When we arrived at 4:30am, there was still plenty of space for parking and in the bear boxes. After stuffing our food away, we joined the trail which was already busy with hikers eager to make it to the top. After 30 minutes, we reached the first bridge with a view towards Vernal Falls. Here

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Yosemite: Full moon rising at Sentinel Dome

On our way down from the tunnel view lookout, another hiker told us about a full moon rising hike to Sentinel Dome later this night. Since it was already quite late, we had to make the decision instantly to drive up Glacier Point Road to the meeting point. At first, I was a bit worried about losing our campsite at Summerdale by showing up past midnight. But luckily, my partner convinced me to take the opportunity of this one and only chance to see the sunset and the full moon rising from the tops of the Yosemite peaks. So instead

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