Smoked tomato soup, ghost peppers, and goat cheese

Smoked tomato soup, ghost peppers, and goat cheese

It was time to use the smoker again since I ran out of hot sauce. I put in a few dried ghost peppers from last summer’s harvest and added a goat cheese, mozzarella, spring onions, and a layer of tomatoes cut in half intended for a tomato soup. Here is everything just before I started the smoker.

And after about 45 minutes, the results looked like this.

The spring onions came out a bit softened and were very nice for sandwiches. The cheese melted a little bit even though I put it far away from the stove but kept its shape. The smoke flavour in the tomato soup was very intense and did not need a lot of spices, just a small onion, garlic, and basil. Will definitely do that again as the tomato season is still in full swing.

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