Month: December 2012

Wilsons Promontory – Overnight hike to Waterloo Bay

Spontaneously, a colleague and me decided to go to Wilsons Promontory NP for a (long) weekend. The park is on a peninsula about 3 hours drive from Melbourne. We started Friday in the early afternoon and arrived in time to pitch our tent and go to an aviation field halfway through the park to meet some animals of the park. On a walk for about 2 hours, we saw heaps of kangaroos, wallaby, emus, and wombats. On our way back to Tidal River, we stopped at a lookout to enjoy the sunset. We booked the next night at the campground

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Abandoned Pentridge Prison laundry

While big parts of the Pentridge Prison has been remodeled into fancy lofts, most of the remaining buildings have been well sealed off. However, there is one part that is currently transformed and somebody gave me the tip, that sneaking into the abandoned prison laundry is fairly easy at the moment. When I arrived with my push bike, somebody had already removed the construction fence so the entry was quite easy indeed. The laundry is set up in a small warehouse, the heavy washing machines have been left to rust. Quite amazingly, the walls still cover several graffiti of the

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Digging up an australian penny from 1951

While clearing another small veggie patch for tomatoes and zucchini plants i noticed an old coin between the fresh soil. It was totally black with dirt, so i put it on the fence next to the patch to dry and eventually forgot about it. I remembered the next day, found the coin again, and started to wash off some dirt. It turned out to be a penny from 1951, with a kangaroo on one side and George VI on the other. A little research revealed that the penny was in use until 1966, when Australia switched to a decimal currency. The particular penny is

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