Month: July 2012

Biking from Berlin to Paderborn

The plan to bike to Paderborn hatched shortly after getting the notification of acceptance for a paper at the Workshop on Wireless Network Measurements (WiNMee) 2012. A little research revealed that the R1 European bike route is going almost all the way from Berlin to Paderborn. However, the R1 follows not exactly the line of sight between the two places, it rather zigzags you around beautiful sights and landscapes along the way. Thus it is an awesome route, but adds a bunch of extra kilometers to your agenda. For this reason, i created a modified version with gpsies resulting in a

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Jamming WiFi radio channels with Python Twisted

Most of my work aims at reducing interference in WiFi-based multi-hop mesh networks. Since WiFi radios operate in the unlicensed frequency band, external stations and devices might be active there as well, resulting in high interference levels and eventually in a low network performance in terms of throughput. One way to detect such external devices is to measure the channel load (or channel occupany, busy time, ..) based on the carrier sensing statistics of the radio. For testing the efficiency of this method, i implemented a simple traffic generator based on Twisted. The traffic generator’s only function is to create a

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Growing mushrooms in a box

Last winter, I finally tried out one of the mushroom growing boxes. What kept me from doing this earlier was the weight – with ~10kg it seemed quite heavy to move around. However, since mushroom hunting season is usually quite short around Berlin, we aimed at extending it a bit with the box. It promises multiple mushroom harvesting waves for about 4 months. The boxes are available with different kind of spores and i decided for the so rather regular Steinchampignons. After setting it up, adding some water, and waiting a couple weeks, the first mushrooms emerged quickly. Just a

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