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DES-Chan – Channel assignment framework and algorithms at github

I finally found the time to clean up the code for DES-Chan, the channel assignment framework, and the algorithms based on it. Work on the framework started already 4 years ago and has been grown steadily due to the great work of a changing team of students and co-workers. It is also the foundation for most experiments in my dissertation work. The code for the framework, the distributed channel assignment algorithms, and the ETX daemon for neighbor discovery in a wireless mesh network are now part of the DES-Testbed repositories at github.  Thanks again to everybody who has contributed so

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Colorful mass: LED bar for bikes

While cleaning up my office, i rediscovered our color LED bar that paints colorful images while you ride your bike. The Persistence of Vision (PoV) device is mounted into a bike wheel – it consists of 34 RGB-LEDs and an MSB-A2 wireless sensor node. The sensor node measures the bike speed and adjusts the LED switch time, so that the whole image is displayed in exactly one full rotation of the wheel. This way, the image appears to be in a fixed location for the observer (provided you ride fast enough). We built it initially for the long night of science,

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Jamming WiFi radio channels with Python Twisted

Most of my work aims at reducing interference in WiFi-based multi-hop mesh networks. Since WiFi radios operate in the unlicensed frequency band, external stations and devices might be active there as well, resulting in high interference levels and eventually in a low network performance in terms of throughput. One way to detect such external devices is to measure the channel load (or channel occupany, busy time, ..) based on the carrier sensing statistics of the radio. For testing the efficiency of this method, i implemented a simple traffic generator based on Twisted. The traffic generator’s only function is to create a

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