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Watermelon harvest & Rainbow lorikeet party in the apricots

When we came back from a little trip to Wilsons Prom and the Gippsland Hinterland, we found the watermelon ripe and ready to harvest in the garden. We expected it to take much longer and feared that we would not be able to taste it. Luckily, the watermelon plant had decided to grow only one fruit and this one got ripe in time! It weighed roughly 4kg, tasted very delicious, and had lots of seeds. We ate a good kilogram instantly! Also, the apricots on the tree in the garden went ripe and were almost immediately devoured by several rainbow

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The first eggplant on the veggie patch

It took almost 3 months, but finally the first eggplant is growing in the veggie patch! The color looks already fine, now we just have to wait for it to get bigger and bigger! Hopefully it takes up the speed of the watermelon which has grown in the last weeks to the size of a football. I am pretty sure it is not yet ready to harvest, but it looks great already! If you look closely, you will see lots of fingerprints of curious people on the watermelon. Picture gallery

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The first watermelon!

Coming back to the garden after two weeks of vacation, it was great to see all the changes. Most plants did really well, thanks to our lovely neighbors who gave them a good water every couple of days. Especially the watermelon has been working hard – it developed the first tiny fruit, just as big as a marble. And the eggplant developed its first flower as well, hopefully the fruit will grow a bit faster than that! Still, so many different vegetables were ready to harvest, among them tomatoes, broccoli, jumbo zucchinis, corn, rocket, strawberries, and green beans. Additionally, the neighbors helped out

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Digging up an australian penny from 1951

While clearing another small veggie patch for tomatoes and zucchini plants i noticed an old coin between the fresh soil. It was totally black with dirt, so i put it on the fence next to the patch to dry and eventually forgot about it. I remembered the next day, found the coin again, and started to wash off some dirt. It turned out to be a penny from 1951, with a kangaroo on one side and George VI on the other. A little research revealed that the penny was in use until 1966, when Australia switched to a decimal currency. The particular penny is

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Spicy applesauce

On their last visit, my parents brought a lot of ripe apples fresh from their garden. Applesauce seemed like a good idea to use a lot of them right away. Since the black jalapenos on our balcony were also doing well, it was time to put it all together. Next to the apples and jalapenos, we added the juice of one lemon and vanilla extract made with vodka. We peeled the apples, boiled them together with a little water, the lemon juice, and diced jalapeno. As soon as they got softer, we mixed it a bit and let it cool down.

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