A daytrip to Taroko Gorge National Park

A daytrip to Taroko Gorge National Park

From Hualien, we arranged a day trip to Taroko National Park, where a river cut a beautiful gorge through the mountains. The first stop on the trip was a view point where the mountains meet the coast just before turning inland into the park.

The first stop in the park was the Eternal Spring Shrine, where a flat trail leads all the way to the shrine. At the shrine there is a short but very steep trail up the mountain. We went up for a little bit to get a good view over the valley.

The next stop was the Swallow Grotto on the Tunnel of the Nine Turns road. There are several viewing points on the path that provide nice outlooks down the gorge and its rocky surface as carved by the river over a very long time.

We then stopped for lunch and ate the breakfast burgers that we got in Hualien, super delicous!

After lunch, we started the Baiyang Waterfall trail that leads to a nice view point for the waterfalls. The walk was also very flat and not very exhausting. Thanks to the following sign, we kept a look out for butterflies and saw a few big and beautiful ones!

At the end of the path it was time to put on our ponchos and walk through the Water Curtain Cave. There is a lot of water coming out of the cracks of this tunnel which makes it a very wet experience.

Here is another picture of the beautiful gorge close to the Baiyang Waterfalls.

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