Watermelon harvest & Rainbow lorikeet party in the apricots

When we came back from a little trip to Wilsons Prom and the Gippsland Hinterland, we found the watermelon ripe and ready to harvest in the garden. We expected it to take much longer and feared that we would not be able to taste it. Luckily, the watermelon plant had decided to grow only one fruit and this one got ripe in time! It weighed roughly 4kg, tasted very delicious, and had lots of seeds. We ate a good kilogram instantly!

Also, the apricots on the tree in the garden went ripe and were almost immediately devoured by several rainbow lorikeets. For about a week, they were almost constantly in the tree eating the apricots, leaving the stones and only half-eaten fruit around. So we only got to try half-ripe apricots, which tasted ok. Still, it was lots of fun to see the colorful birds so close in the tree for a couple of days.

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2 comments on “Watermelon harvest & Rainbow lorikeet party in the apricots
  1. john says:

    The birds in the picture are rainbow lorikeets, not rosellas.

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