Mushroom hunting!

Mushroom hunting!

Today I went mushroom hunting. I was riding my bike to the forests around Berlin to enjoy one of the last summer days when i noticed that i was already quite close to a chanterelle spot! However, it was pretty obvious that somebody else has been there shortly before me – there were some traces of picked and left mushrooms and, unfortunately, hardly any chanterelles. I looked very careful, and found a total of 7! Here are all of them.

Luckily, i also found 2 rather large Birkenpilze (birch boletus), so it was at least enough to add some mushroom flavor to our dinner. Together with a large zucchini and an onion,  a stir fry was quickly assembled. We had it with pasta, Parmesan, and chives.

Additional fun fact: My GPS showed me that the whole bike trip was about 54km and cost me 1,600kcal. Lets be optimistic and estimate the chanterelles to be almost 100gr, than they would give me back about 15kcal. Sometimes, I am very happy to have a supermarket just across our flat.

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