Melitzanes Tiganites – Fried eggplants

Melitzanes Tiganites – Fried eggplants

For a late Sunday breakfast, it was the perfect time to make the Greek fried eggplants. All that’s needed for this simple recipe is an eggplant and some dough (water, flour, egg). There are several varieties, sometimes it’s made just with a thin flour coating or without any dough. First thing is to slice the eggplant, sprinkle the slides with a little salt and give it time, so some of the water comes out. In the meantime, I prepared the tzatziki with a grated cucumber, garlic, and yogurt – here it is.

After a couple of minutes, I dried the eggplant slices, heated up the pan, and started frying until the slices started to turn brown. That’s already it. They are best straight from the pan, since they turn a bit soggy once they get cold.

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