Grampians – Mount Stapylton

Grampians – Mount Stapylton

After Hollow Mountain, we relocated the car to the Stapylton car park and started the ascent of Mount Stapylton. The walk is about 5km long and has some steep parts. The trail starts over a rocky but flat surface (called Flat Rock) where you have to look out for the markers a bit. After passing Hollow Mountain on the left, the track winds up the Amphitheatre along the Taipan Wall which has very impressive red parts. On the way up, you come across a beautiful rock which looks  a bit like a swan.

The track becomes steeper towards the end and just below the rocky top, a sign tells you that you have almost made it. From here, a rocky climb of about 5 minutes brings you to the windy top. Here is the view of the last part of the climb.

Once on top, the views are amazing. Especially towards the north, with the Hollow Mountain and Mt Zero lining up.

On the way down, a little brown snake was resting on the path. After a short lunch we started our short excursion out of the Grampians. Since we were on the most northern part, we went towards Dimboola to visit the Pink Lake. Just out of the park, we saw a beautiful bobtail skink on the road.

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