Grampians – Hollow Mountain

Grampians – Hollow Mountain

The short but steep ascent to the Hollow Mountain in the Grampians (Gariwerd) starts from the Hollow Mountain carpark, which is also the one to visit the Gulgurn Manja shelter. The walk is just 2.2km return but you go up about 200m. A little bit of climbing is required at two steep locations, but it is very short and easy. The trail starts quite flat to the base of the mountain and then leads you up a ledge to the first plateau just below the top. Here you will come across one of the large caves which may have been the reason for the mountain’s name. Here is a picture from inside the cave.

The trail then leads around the peak, providing great views first of Mt Zero to the north, and when you are reaching the top, also of Mt Stapylton to the south-east. The last 200 meters to the top are amazing, featuring rock formations and little lakes and puddles on the rugged mountain surface.

The top provides great views all of all directions. It is especially impressive to see  the red cliff of Mt Stapylton from this elevated point. Even though Mt Stapylton is really close by and the views might not be that different, the decision was quickly made to walk up there next.

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