Wilsons Prom day hikes: Tongue Point and Mt Oberon

Wilsons Prom day hikes: Tongue Point and Mt Oberon

While we postponed our overnight hike at Wilsons Promontory a bit, I used the time to do some of the day hikes in the park. The hikes were surprisingly beautiful, even though they lack the isolated beaches of the overnight hike to the eastern coast of the park. On our first day, I hiked the trail to Tongue Point starting at the Darby River carpark. Even if you don’t have the time to hike the 2 hours return to Tongue Point, it is totally worth it to just go for the first 10 minutes. The trail leads around a mountain gaining some elevation and exposes great views of the Darby River winding trought the valley. The swampy area around the river is very colorful and you get a great view of the eastern hills. Here is the view from the first acent.

Carrying on towards Tongue Point, the trail continues on the western coast with great views of Tongue Point. The best views were close to the end of the trail with rocky bays and secluded sandy beaches. Here is my favorite rugged coastline.

In the afternoon, I went up Mt Oberon. The path up is not very pretty – a concrete road winds up the mountain for about an hour. Still, once up the top offers some great views all around the park. It was especially nice to the the beach of Refuge Cove in the far east. That would be our goal in the next couple of days.

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