San Francisco Food Adventures

San Francisco Food Adventures

Traveling with my partner is always big fun, especially on the food side of life. Since we are both vegetarian, we look around for great places in advance, but she is doing definitely more and better research which usually reveals some great places i would have missed otherwise. Finding awesome vegetarian food in the Bay Area and especially San Francisco is not very hard, and i remembered several places from my last trip 2 years ago. For the first stop, we did not hesitate to decide on La Palma Mexicatessen, a huge place with a small shop in the front and a very busy back with lots of people and machines baking tortillas, nachos, tamales, and many more delicious edibles. I got a large bowl of guacamole and an even larger bag of tortilla chips and headed off to a nearby park in the Mission district.

Good and authentic mexican food is still a rarity in Berlin, i still do not know any place that has a salsa bar here. So it is not surprising that mexican eateries where high up on our list. We enjoyed the Cancun taqueria in Berkeley a lot, for serving mostly organic food and for a great variety of fruity salsas (hot strawberry salsa!). At the end of our stay, we met for dinner with a friend at the Pancho Villa taqueria in the Mission district. We ordered almost everything vegetarian available, from corn quesadillas to super burritos and crispy tacos and fought the salsas and habaneros with a large orchata. It was very delicious, here is a picture of their impressive salsa awards.

For the sweet experiences of the trip, we did a tour at the TCHO chocolate factory, which started of a 45 minute video about cacao farming. Afterwards we quickly took a glimpse at the chocolate-making machines and finished off with a tasting of the different flavors. It was fun, but the weather a little too hot to get excited for chocolate. My favorite place for sweet things is still Shannon and Flori’s Cinnaholic shop in Berkeley. On our way back from Yosemite, we stopped to have a fantastic chocolate chip cookie dough roll. The portions are huge, so after sharing one, we were both happy and full.

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