Grampians: Pinnacle and Boroka Lookout

Grampians: Pinnacle and Boroka Lookout

With our time in Melbourne coming to an end, we hit the road for the last trip towards the Grampians. It was my third time there, and also the most impressive visit since this time we made it to the northern part around Hollow Mountain and the western part with the art shelters. On our first day, we drove to Halls Gap, set up tent and went up to the Pinnacle. While the walk is not too steep, it still gets quite exhausting on a 40C summer day. We passed the Bridal Veil Falls, but only a sign reminded us of the water falls – it was completely dry. Still, the trail is awesome – The rugged cliffs on both sides are magnificent and provide some shade. We enjoyed the Silent Street most, a narrow chasm that leads to the rock plateau with the Pinnacle. Here is the entry into Silent Street.

We also ran into several lizards and dragons, who enjoyed the sunny and warm rocks on the path. Here is a beautiful dragon which was not disturbed by us at all.

The views from the Pinnacle are magnificent. Being on the edge of the Grampians, you get great views of the flat farmland surrounding the mountains. And the rocks around the Pinnacle are quite exposed, leading to impressive drops of a couple hundred meters on the edge. Here is picture of me on one of these rocks above Halls Gap.

On the way back, we stopped a couple kilometers north of the Pinnacle at the Boroka Lookout. The views are a bit similar to the ones from the Pinnacle, however, it’s great to see the tiny houses of Halls Gap in line with Lake Bellfield.

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GPS tracks

Here are the tracks of the hikes and drive around the eastern part of the Grampians. Somehow, I forgot to switch the GPS off, so the tracks continue to the Reed Lookout and the Balconies.

Download file: grampians-halls_gap_pinnacle_balconies.gpx

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