Grampians – Billimina and Manja shelters

Grampians – Billimina and Manja shelters

After the excursion to the Dimboola Pink Lake, we came back to the Grampians to spend the night on the Buandik camping area. The campground is just in between two important art shelters of the Jardwadjali. The Billimina (Glenisla Shelter) is just a 15 minute walk away from the campground. The shelter looks like a huge chanterelle when you approach it. The shelter is famous for the many red ochre lines in horizontal rows. The meaning of the bars is not known, but people suggested that events or days have been counted with them. There are also some animal tracks and human stick figures around if you look closely.

The next day, we drove about 15 minutes to the Manja Shelter (Cave of Hands). As the name suggests, the place is best known for the many hand stencils that can be seen on the cave walls. There are also animal tracks and stick figures around.

More information about of the shelters and the park in general is available on the website of the Brambuk national park and cultural center. They have a great document specifically covering  the art shelters.

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