Bike rides in Melbourne

Bike rides in Melbourne

On my second day in Melbourne, I got a (very crappy) bike via gumtree. I guess, I should have checked it better when I bought it. It seems ok to ride around Coburg but taking a trip to the city can be quite exhausting. Nevertheless, I spent most of the first days out riding through the different districts. There are some parts which I especially liked. Among them the Merri Creek trail, which goes from the Yarra Bend Park all the way up to Coburg and beyond.

The Yarra Bend Park is also very nice and close to the city, however, somebody thought it would be a wonderful idea to build a six lane highway through it. There are also several great spots in Coburg in the northern parts of the city, many street art murals, and of course the impressive facade of The Bluestone College, an old prison building which is now slowly transformed to upscale apartments. Many well-known criminals have been spent time here, also the remains of famous bush ranger Ned Kelly have been buried here for decades.

Of course, I got really hungry riding my bike around the whole day. I stopped at several small places for refreshments and snacks. One of my favorite in the inner city had cheese and onion nans and vegetable curry buns with Japanese mayonnaise! Yummy!!

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