Zion NP – Along the Zion Mount Carmel Highway

Zion NP – Along the Zion Mount Carmel Highway

After the scenic drive, we went up the Zion Mount Carmel Highway first up to the tunnel and then entering the most beautiful part of Zion if you go by car and are short on time. The rock structures along the road are incredible both in shapes and colors.

We first went up to the Canyon Overlook, which as the name suggests, gets you in about 30 minutes to a great spot with an overview of Zion. It was probably the best view we had in the park, especially because you are free to go around the rim without a fence for as much as you like. The only drawback is that there is just a handful of parking spots for this trail – but in the late afternoon there were a couple of empty ones.

Along the road are at about a dozen parking bays close to especially nicely shaped rocks and views. Here is one of my favorite ones.

When we made our way back to Springdale, we saw a bunch of ibexes on the road. They were not that alarmed about the stopping cars and allowed us to take some pictures.

Here are a couple more pictures taken along the highway.

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