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Kutai NP – Day and night hikes

During our 3 days at Kutai NP we did several hikes in the morning to meet orang utans and one night hike to to spot insects. While unfortunately most of the forest is not primary growth due to bush fires in the 1980s and 1990s, there is still lush wild life in abundance. Next to the orang utans the park is famous for, we saw beautiful animals, plants, flowers, and insects. During the day, we saw more plants and flowers, while at night the insects came out and our awesome guide Udin spotted several birds sleeping on the branches on

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Kuala Lumpur – Orchid gardens

After visiting the Batu Caves, we went to the orchid section of the botanical gardens in Kuala Lumpur. I have never seen so many beautiful kinds orchids in one place. The garden houses about 800 different kinds. A rock garden contains the terrestial flowers, while a half circle pergola houses the climbing orchids. My favorite was the banana orchid, it looks like a the peel of a very ripe banana! Picture gallery

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