Koalas at Kennett River

Koalas at Kennett River

The dozen houses that make up Kennett River are located between Lorne and Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road. This is another sure spot to see a bunch of koalas, so quite a lot of people take a break here on the way to the Apostles. Right across the road of the Koala Cafe, there are a couple of gum trees with koalas doing what they can do best – eating and sleeping. There is also a good chance that parrots and rosellas are hanging out in the trees, waiting for snacks from the visitors.

What’s special about this place is that the trees are not that high, so it makes it easy to see a koala from very close. Unlike along the Lighthouse Road to Cape Otway, where they usually sleep up high on the huge gums, if you want to see a couple koalas up close, the best bet is to stop in Kennett River. However, the place seems a little staged. Plastic protectors are placed around the trees, which might keep travelers from climbing up to the koalas or keeping the koalas from leaving the area, or maybe both.

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