Gippsland roadtrip continued: Mushroom rocks and Toorongo Falls

Gippsland roadtrip continued: Mushroom rocks and Toorongo Falls

After our stay in the Tarra Bulga NP, we continued inland to the Alpine National Park. One of the highlights of the park are the mushroom shaped rocks reachable by a 45 minute walk. The mushrooms are a little bit hard to find, since you walk among the huge rocks for quite a while and have to keep your eyes open to finally see them. They look indeed very much like huge, petrified mushrooms.

We then stopped shortly in Walhalla, an old rebuilt gold mining town in the mountains. Honestly, it did not leave a big impression on us. Most of the buildings are now transformed into little museums or are recently rebuilt like the tiny hut of the Walhalla Chronicle. For the last stop and overnight stay, we payed the Toorongo Falls a visit. They are located in a small reserve with a free camp site with basic facilities. The falls are just a 20 minute walk away and are quite impressive since you can get pretty close to them. It was pretty nice that close to the campsite several Kookaburras were looking for food under the surrounding trees. Being very cautious, you could take a picture about 5m away from them.

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GPS tracks

Here are the tracks to reach the Mushroom Rock on the Alpine Trail, about a 45 minute walk one way.

Download file: mushroom_rock.gpx

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