Ellery Creek Big Hole

Ellery Creek Big Hole

After the stop at Simpsons Gap, we drove on to Ellery Creek looking forward to a cooling swim in the summer heat. The water was surprisingly cold but very refreshing. It was very nice to swim all the way through the Chasm. In the late afternoon, we started the Dolomite Loop Walk, a 3 km round trip around the hilltops with beautiful views of the landscape.

After the hike, we started to set up camp and turned on the BBQ. The camp site was again almost empty, only one guy who was moving from West Australia to Melbourne stayed overnight. He brought his dog which excited the dingos a lot. So it was quite a noisy night, but we could not find much sleep anyways because of the heat. We learned that night that pitching the tent on the sun burnt soil is not the best idea. From then on, we parked the car over the designated tent spot already in the afternoon and reparked the car after the sunset to make space for tent. This way, we got at least rid of the floor heating effect at night.

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