Camping at Blanket Bay

Camping at Blanket Bay

Going east on the Great Ocean Road, we spent a great night at the Blanket Bay campsite in the Great Otway NP. I tried staying there twice before, but there are only about 20 campsites and they were already full both times. This time we had more luck and it proved to be one of the best camping experiences on the trip.

We arrived in the late afternoon, after spending a good time with koala watching along the Lighthouse Road. While we pitched the tent, a young koala was walking around the campsite and spent a couple of minutes on a small gum tree next to us watching us setting up the tent. Here is a photo of the little fellow.

The campsite is located right on top of Blanket Bay and there are a couple of sites and benches with a great view of the bay. Several parties met for dinner at the lookouts, start a fire, and share a drink. Occasionally we were interrupted by a wallaby eating grass nearby or another koala making some noise in the tree. It is an amazing place, probably the most exciting campsite we stayed at on this road trip.

Here is a video of the wallaby having dinner next to us.

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