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Bike rides in Melbourne

On my second day in Melbourne, I got a (very crappy) bike via gumtree. I guess, I should have checked it better when I bought it. It seems ok to ride around Coburg but taking a trip to the city can be quite exhausting. Nevertheless, I spent most of the first days out riding through the different districts. There are some parts which I especially liked. Among them the Merri Creek trail, which goes from the Yarra Bend Park all the way up to Coburg and beyond. The Yarra Bend Park is also very nice and close to the city,

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Colorful mass: LED bar for bikes

While cleaning up my office, i rediscovered our color LED bar that paints colorful images while you ride your bike. The Persistence of Vision (PoV) device is mounted into a bike wheel – it consists of 34 RGB-LEDs and an MSB-A2 wireless sensor node. The sensor node measures the bike speed and adjusts the LED switch time, so that the whole image is displayed in exactly one full rotation of the wheel. This way, the image appears to be in a fixed location for the observer (provided you ride fast enough). We built it initially for the long night of science,

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