MANIAC Pale Ale – A special batch for the MANIAC BBQ next weekend

I just finished preparing the batch of MANIAC Pale Ale for the BBQ of the MANIAC Challenge next Saturday! This year’s challenge is designed for students to experimentally implement and evaluate cooperation strategies for mobile data offloading. The challenge is co-located with the 87th IETF/IRTF meeting in Berlin and takes place in the institute of computer science of the Freie Universität Berlin. I am sure it will be lots of fun, since 6 teams have signed up and the DES-Testbed will function as the backbone network for the challenge. More information is available on the MANIAC Challenge website.

For the beer, the MANIAC Pale Ale is a classic IPA with Cascade and NZ Sticklebract hops in the boil and dry hopped in the secondary for 7 days. I added 0.5 liter of elderflower sirup to the wort of this years summer harvest. The batch is about 23L and has been bottled for almost 4 weeks, so it should be just about right for the challenge next weekend.

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