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Starting a new veggie patch with watermelon seedlings!

On the first weekend at the new house, the Peppertree Place, a community garden in Coburg, hosted a fiesta with workshops, music, and veggie burgers. You could also buy many seedlings and small plants for very little. My excitement grew once i saw all the different seedling for my favorite kind of plants: Food Plants! There were several plants that will most likely not grow very well in Berlin, such as watermelons. Luckily, my awesome house mates were already encouraging the idea to clear more garden space for additional veggie patches. The previous owner grew quite a lot of vegetables and

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Making ravioli

The shared house in Melbourne comes with a great veggie patch AND a pasta machine! So we put it all together and made ravioli from scratch with different fillings partly from the garden. One filling was made of roasted green asparagus with garlic and walnuts, the other one of semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and rocket. I used Adelaide tomatoes and put them in the oven for about an hour at 70°C (thanks to Max for the tip). Here is a picture of the pasta doe and the two fillings. We had the ravioli with sage butter and avocados, which had to go

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Wine tasting and tour in Baden-Baden

We arrived on the premises of the Baden-Badener Winzergenossenschaft on a sunny early autumn day, just in time for the weekly tour on Fridays. The vineyards start right next to the parking lot, at this time of the year they were full of ripe grapes. The tour covers all processing steps and required equipment to make wine. When the grapes are delivered, they are first cleaned a bit and then weighed. Apparently, there can be huge line of trucks packed with delicious grapes waiting in season. For this reason, there are 14 presses that can be operated in parallel. When the juice has been

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Spicy applesauce

On their last visit, my parents brought a lot of ripe apples fresh from their garden. Applesauce seemed like a good idea to use a lot of them right away. Since the black jalapenos on our balcony were also doing well, it was time to put it all together. Next to the apples and jalapenos, we added the juice of one lemon and vanilla extract made with vodka. We peeled the apples, boiled them together with a little water, the lemon juice, and diced jalapeno. As soon as they got softer, we mixed it a bit and let it cool down.

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From apples to juice (and wine)

The apple season was pretty good this year, so we were looking forward to our appointment at the Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Reiffenhausen to have our apples transformed into delicious apple juice. The DGH has a still functional Mosterei which allows you to bring your own apples (and bottles) and leave with your own juice. But before that, we first had to get the apples off the trees. It took half a day of shaking the apple trees and gathering the fruits from the ground. The results were about 200kg of apples including Boskoop, Alkmene, and Jakob Lebel. When we finally arrived at

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Mushroom hunting!

Today I went mushroom hunting. I was riding my bike to the forests around Berlin to enjoy one of the last summer days when i noticed that i was already quite close to a chanterelle spot! However, it was pretty obvious that somebody else has been there shortly before me – there were some traces of picked and left mushrooms and, unfortunately, hardly any chanterelles. I looked very careful, and found a total of 7! Here are all of them. Luckily, i also found 2 rather large Birkenpilze (birch boletus), so it was at least enough to add some mushroom

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Melitzanes Tiganites – Fried eggplants

For a late Sunday breakfast, it was the perfect time to make the Greek fried eggplants. All that’s needed for this simple recipe is an eggplant and some dough (water, flour, egg). There are several varieties, sometimes it’s made just with a thin flour coating or without any dough. First thing is to slice the eggplant, sprinkle the slides with a little salt and give it time, so some of the water comes out. In the meantime, I prepared the tzatziki with a grated cucumber, garlic, and yogurt – here it is. After a couple of minutes, I dried the

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Spicy Soy Chorizo Burgers!

Being a big fan of vegetarian protein sources and meat substitutes, the decision to bring home a Soy Chorizo from Trader Joes was quickly made. Especially, since there is nothing similar available in Berlin. And hell yeah, it was worth it! With some left-over quinoa, beans, onions, and half a habanero of last year’s balcony harvest, a spicy burger mix with the rather soft Chorizo was quickly assembled. The Chorizo is indeed quite spicy and the texture is more close to a paste than to a sausage. Its taste is very meaty, a little bit like a very thick bolognese

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San Francisco Food Adventures

Traveling with my partner is always big fun, especially on the food side of life. Since we are both vegetarian, we look around for great places in advance, but she is doing definitely more and better research which usually reveals some great places i would have missed otherwise. Finding awesome vegetarian food in the Bay Area and especially San Francisco is not very hard, and i remembered several places from my last trip 2 years ago. For the first stop, we did not hesitate to decide on La Palma Mexicatessen, a huge place with a small shop in the front

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Growing mushrooms in a box

Last winter, I finally tried out one of the mushroom growing boxes. What kept me from doing this earlier was the weight – with ~10kg it seemed quite heavy to move around. However, since mushroom hunting season is usually quite short around Berlin, we aimed at extending it a bit with the box. It promises multiple mushroom harvesting waves for about 4 months. The boxes are available with different kind of spores and i decided for the so rather regular Steinchampignons. After setting it up, adding some water, and waiting a couple weeks, the first mushrooms emerged quickly. Just a

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